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Remaining 2016 Speakers 

September 4 Bruce Yllander

September 11 Ken Gross

September 18 Andrew Moore

September 25 Paul Bonner

October 2 Sam Thorpe

October 9 Don Martinez

October 16 Bob Lehmann

October 23 Bill Gustafson

October 30 John Moore

November 6 Matthew Harvey

November 13 Bruce Yllander

November 20 Tim Bollinger

November 27 Andrew Moore

December 4 Don Martinez

December 11 Gil Vargas

December 18 Bob Lehmann

December 25 John Moore



Recent Messages 

Ed Anthony

Luke 12: 20150215 Ed Anthony

Luke 16: 20150215 Ed Anthony 2

Worship pt. 1: 20131008mp3#1

Worship pt. 2: EddAnthony20130908mp3#2


John Best

Prodigal Son: 20140517 John Best

The Return of the Lord: The Return of the Lord 1 Thess

2 Peter 3: 20150301 John Best

Acts 8- The Gospel: 20150607 John Best

2015/09/06: Behave i n House of Lord


Tim Bollinger

Christmas Tradition: Christmas Tradition Tim Bollinger


Greg Drake

Philippians 3: 1-14: 20140302mp3

Prophecy in Philippians: 20121111 Greg Drake#


Ken Gross

Taking up your cross: 06292014 Ken Gross

The Fool: Ken_Gross_04_14_2013

John 10: ken Gross John 10 _07_07_2013

Salvation in Romans: Salvation in Romans

Ephesians 4: Ephesians 4 Ken Gross

Grace of God: 01182015 Ken Gross

Witnessing: 20150315 Ken Gross

Fishers of Men: 20150510KenGross


Don Gustafson

Vitamin B’s: 20131124mp3

Look: 20140420 Don Gustafson

Peter and Paul Living Persuaded: 20150523 Don Gustafson

Remember: 20150524 Don Gustafson


Bill Gustafson

Hand in Proverbs: Bill Gustafson Hand in Proverbs

Servanthood: Bill Gustafson_servanthood_02_24_2013

Walk: Bill Gustafson_walk_05_25_2013

Thankfulness: Bill_Gustafson_thankfullness_11_25_12#

Habakkuk: 20140727 Bill Gustafson

Thanksgiving: 20141109 Bill Gustafson

Witnessing: 20150329 Bill Gustafson

2015/07/26: Work of the Holy Spirit


 Tommy Hoffman

Fullness of the Times: 20121230Tom Hoffman#

Leprosy: 20140601 Tommy Hoffman

Prayer pt. 1: Prayer

Prayer pt. 2: Prayer2

Saul of Tarsus: 20140803 Tommy Hoffman

Revelation 19: 20141026 Tommy Hoffman

Life and Death: 20150201 Tommy Hoffman


Dan Hollingsworth

Forgiveness pt. 1: 20130915 Dan Hollingsworth

Forgiveness pt. 2: Forgiveness#

Humility: Humility Dan Hollingsworth

Genealogy of Christ: 12142014 Dan Hollingsworth

Outreach: 20150419 Dan Hollingsworth

2015/08/23: David and Goliath


Scott Leach

Acts 2: Acts 2 Scott Leach


Bob Lehmann

Living in a post-modern world: 20130519 Bob Lehman Living in a Postmodern world

Response to Evil: 20130922mp3

Matthew 6: 33-34: 20131027mp3

Galatians 4: 4-6: 20131222mp3

Luke 19: 20140223mp3

The Church as the Temple: 20140330 Bob Lehmann

The Triumphal Entry: 20140413 Bob Lehmann

The Spiritual Man: 20140511 Bob Lehmann

Flesh vs. the Spirit: 20140608_Bob_Lehman

Fathers: 20140615 Bob Lehmann

Spirituality: 20140622 Bob_Lehmann

Advice from a Father: Advice from a Father Bob Lehman

1 Samuel 31: Bob_Lehman_1Sam31#

Jewish New Year: Jewish New Year Bob Lehman

Problems of Division: Problems of Division 1 Cor 1

Proverbs 3: Proverbs 3 Bob Lehman

The Incarnation: The Incarnation#

A New Commandment: 20140817mp3

The Vine: 20141012 Bob Lehmann

The Love of God: 20141116 Bob Lehman

Loving Sinners: 20150308 Bob Lehmann

Sharing the Gospel: 20150531 Bob Lehmann

 2015/06/28: Out of Darkness Report/Be Witnesses


Bobby Marshall

Companionship: 20130811mp3

The Deity of Christ: 20140427 Bobby Marshall

Pride: Bobby_Marshal_Pride_02_10_13

Fathers: Fathers Bobby Marshell

Disciplines: 20141104 Bobby Marshall\

2015/07/19: Hell and Witnessing


Don Martinez

Dispensationalism and the Mystery: 20150111 Don Martinez

2015/08/09: Fellowship of the Mystery


Andrew Moore

Ephesians 1: 1-14: 20140105mp3

Ephesians 1: 1-6: Andrew Moore Ephesians 1 1-6#

Ephesians 1: 15-23: 08242014 Andrew Moore God’s Preiminence

Ephesians 2: 1-10: 20141130 Andrew Moore

He must increase but I must decrease: 20150208 Andrew Moore

Christ IS Sufficient: 20150405 Andrew Moore\

2015/06/21: The Great Commission


John Moore

Peace of God: 20121118 Moore#

Christian Life: 20130901mp3#

Psalms 23: 20130929mp3

The Glorified Christ: 20140406 John Moore

Fear of the Lord: Fear of the Lord John Moore

John 17: John 17- John Moore

Spiritual Warfare: John Moore Spiritual Warfare

Blessings of God pt.1: John Moore the Blessings of God

Blessings of God pt.2: John Moore the Blessings of God 2

New Year Challenge: New Year Challenge John Moore

Romans 6: Romans 6

The Resurrection: The Resurrection

Riches of God: The Riches of God

The Tongue: The Tongue

Born of the Spirit: 08102014 John Moore

John 4: 20140907 John Moore John 4

John 6: 20140914 John Moore (John 6)

The Good Shepherd: 20140921 John Moore

John 12: 20140928 John Moore (John 12)

Likeness of Man: 10192014 John Moore

The Sacrifice of Christ: 20150125 John Moore

John 5: 20150322 John Moore

Witnessing: 20150426JohnMoore

2015/09/13: Colossions 1

2015/09/20: Colossians 1


Larry Price

Elijah and Elisha: Elijah and Elisha Larry Price

Elijah and 3 Kings: Elisha and 3 Kings


Andy Scott

Palm Sunday: 20130324 Andy Scott#

Wisdom: 20130427 Andy Scott wisdom

Counsel of God: 20131020 Andy Scott Counsel of God

Knowledge: Andy Scott Knowledge

Example of Joseph: TheExampleofJoseph_AndyScott


Richard Skillen

John the Baptist: Richard Skillen John the Baptist


Sam Thorpe

Mark 3: 20-30: 20130505 Sam Thorpe

Christian Life: 20130804mp3

Lift up: Lift Up Sam Thorpe

Remember Lot’s Wife: Remember Lot’s Wife Sam Thorpe

Spotless Christ: Sam Thorpe_spotlessChrist_03_03_2013

Doors in Revelation: 20141005 Sam Thorpe

The Gospel Witnessing: 20150412 Sam Thorpe

2015/06/14: Eternal view

2015/08/15: Crossing the Jordan River


Bruce Yllander

Rapture: 20140309 The Rapture Bruce Yllander

The Spirit: 20140831_BruceYllander

Faith in the Sovereignty of God: 20150104 Bruce Yllander